2004, Sep7~14

An opportunity
Actually, going to Italy is not included in my “travel plan”. I want to go to Greece or Prague previously. However, there are some difficulties and opportunities at that time while I chose to go to Italy afterward.

Travel plan
This is the first time I went travelling without a plan. We were going to visit an Italian friend therefore there is no need to worry about the accommodation and transportation. (We stayed at her place most of the time.)The only thing we have to do is to decide where we want to go!! This is much relaxing and easier ever for us. How lucky we are!

The disadvantage is that the trip is too relaxing that we did not make a good use of our time…but on the other side, the purpose of travel is to relax and experience the culture which we totally did!

The roughly schedule is as follows
Sep8 Cremona
Sep9 Venice
Sep10 Florence
Sep11 Florence
Sep12 at home and visit the town
Sep13 Milano
Sep14 at home and visit the town

photo:the duomo in Florence
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