2004, Sep7~14

I think pizza, spaghetti, coffee and gelatto(ice cream)are the most “must-eat” food in Italy. We were lucky that we stay with the typical family thus we had experienced many different authentic food.

Before main course
Italians eat lots cheese and raw hams. Tomatoes are also very important. They would add olive oil, garlic, vinegar with tomatoes. That is so delicious~~!!

Main course
Spaghettis, pizzas and Italian rice are popular. Normally they won’t have pizzas at home. The pizza they made is traditional pizza with thin skin(layer)and it needs to be done with special cookers.

After meal
Everyone can cook excellent coffee in Italy even from the vender at the street. It’s cheap and delicious. Maybe that’s the reason that I didn’t see any Starbucks in Italy.

Gellato(ice cream)is very excellent as well. A gellato a day makes a doctor away(it’s bullshit la ^^..but I tried to keep this discipline for the cheapest and delicious Italian ice cream in the world)

photo: italian sunday special meal

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