Last week I joined three parties. The first party is a Mexican party,
My Mexican friend-Luis invited me. I met my classmate- a Greek guy called Stavorous which sounds like starbucks (ha-ha).He is really nice and funny.

The party was really great. It was in a pub in the student union. Because it was a Mexican party, therefore there were many Mexicans. (Nonsense)My friend and his friend invited me to dance with them. It was really cool,Since I never danced Mexican dance before.It is a whole new experience for me.

I think Mexicans are very enthusiastic about people. I can tell from their dance.(^^///)

The second party is held by Chinese society. My flat mate "Wendelin" invited me.In Leeds University, there is a departmentcalled "East-Asia studies". People who do this course have to learn Chinese. Therefore, East-Asia students are eager to learn Chinese as well as we want to speak English well.

So there are many brits who speak Chinese very well also join the party. (That's the reason why I want to join this party) But their Chinese is very good...so I have little chances to practice my English...-_-// some guys sang Chinese song "我是一隻魚"
They are really great!!

The third party was held by Emily. Her classmates came to her flats to have dinner together.There is one brit, one Italian, one Canadian, two gays, and one Japanese girl. We made dumplings together. For foreign friends, it is their first time to make dumplings. Also, it is my first time. Anyway, they are really nice and we had a great time!
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